Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Voice Coach? A Voice Coach is a trained professional who works with the Speaking Voice.

What is a Dialect Coach? A Dialect Coach works with actors to create the way a character speaks –    where is the character from? what is their background, their history, their social behaviour?

Is a Dialect Coach the same as an Accent Coach? Yep pretty much:)

What is Accent reduction? Accent Reduction refers to helping speakers modify their accent to sound more like the accent they would like to have – eg more British, American, Australian.

Where does Anna coach & teach? Anna coaches and travels from her base in Melbourne, Australia. Online Coaching via Zoom/Skype/Facetime.

How does Anna coach & teach? There is no one size fits all approach for Anna. With 40 years as a trained teacher and coach,  Anna has depth of teaching strategies & resources to offer.

What is ongoing Voice training? If you require a deep dive into the professional realities of using your voice, you may need ongoing training.